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Rick Raschick
Madison, Wisconsin
Pottery offers Rick a medium in which to explore his fascination with form. Perhaps it is his colorblindness, but it has taken years for him to really become interested in glazes and other decorative elements. Though most of us are more aware of color and other decorations, for Rick, they are secondary and must be organic to his pieces.

Rick began making pottery in 1970, while living in Hawaii. His first instructor gave him good habits and an appreciation of shape as an elemental part of a beautiful piece. To this day, form is important to Rick, though in recent years, he has been more willing to experiment with glazes and other decorative elements—as long as they are organic to the piece.

In 1971, Rick and his wife returned to Madison to complete graduate school in social work and pottery took a back seat to raising a family and a career as a school social worker. In 1992, Rick returned to pottery. He was fortunate to take classes and workshops with Don Hunt, to receive encouragement from friends and to rediscover the joy of creating ceramics.

Since retiring in 2002, pottery has become a larger part of his life. He currently creates his work at the MSCR pottery lab at Hoyt School.

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